24-30 Jan – Its National Breakfast Week!


It can sometimes be difficult to find time for breakfast especially if you have a long commute to work each day.

You’re in a packed train carriage, followed by long days in the office at everyone’s beck & call. It’s so much easier & quicker to just pick up something on the go from the passing bakery that probably isn’t the best/healthiest choice to accompany that large cappuccino….

So you quickly grab whatever you find, & its gone in seconds…..you probably didn’t notice or even taste whatever it was and by midday you are absolutely starving….quick run to the vending machine or corner café & grab something…again….not noticing what you’ve eaten, you’ve too much to do – you’ve emails/meetings/clients to see….and so each day/week goes by the same, still no time for breakfast….

Unfortunately, it is often the things we grab that are plied high with sugar and salt, mass produced, the packaging says “Eat Me”, and that’s just what we do…and what I used to do. Sometimes, I’d say to myself I will make a better choice tomorrow,……but kicking that habit can be hard.

Actually, I’ve always loved breakfast but just got out of the routine. However every now & then, I’d make my own muesli at home for the family & always found it to be better than anything I could buy in the supermarkets, so when I was made redundant from my job in Central London, Simply SeedZ breakfast products was born! A delicious and nutritious range with no added sugar or salt, that also contain pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Typical sugar content (from the fruit) per portion is less than one teaspoon!

So now you can enjoy a quick breakfast that is going to keep you going through the day and available to buy online and independent farm shops and delis, and as its national Breakfast Week, with all online orders this week, you will receive a free Breakfast recipe booklet.

Give us a try, our quick porridge pots are perfect for your daily commute!

Visit www.simplyseedz.co.uk to buy online and for more details.

Happy Breakfast Week!