Tesco Backit Crowdfunding Campaign

Please help us bring our range of natural breakfast and snacking products, to the nation!

We’re raising £3000 via Tesco Backit to enable development of our range of breakfast and snack products. We want to get the nation starting the day with a bowl of our delicious natural fruity porridge and to snack on our flavoured toasted seed mix toppings.

The good news is that Simplyseedz is ready to hit the supermarket shelves!

We find it frustrating to see so little choice in the supermarket cereal aisle, and so many with high levels of sugar or additives. For example porridge is perceived to be healthy, which it should be. But more often than not, especially the convenient on the go pots, can be packed with as much as 40 grams (i.e. 8 teaspoons) of refined sugar, making them a poor choice. You may as well choose a mars bar for breakfast (this is not recommended of course!)

Then there’s the healthier snacks, but again often they have added salt! Some snacks get dismissed because they can be perceived to be just too healthy, faddy or only suitable for those on a specific diet or fitness regime! Seedz are not just for the birds!!

Simplyseedz products can be enjoyed by everyone and this is the message we wish to promote. You certainly don’t have to be a gym bunny to enjoy our range!

We believe the opportunity for Simplyseedz is significant and can only grow. From little seeds to mighty oaks – well ok maybe a forest first, but it’s an exciting time for you to help us on our journey!

What impact will pledges make?

The pledges we receive will enable the business to fulfil its ambitions to further market our Simplyseedz brand. As a backer you will have our full commitment to get Simplyseedz to be the snack or breakfast of choice.

What are our business aspirations?

It is our desire to be the top snack or breakfast of choice and the brand that everyone knows, loves and trusts. We have lots of ideas waiting to be fulfilled, which includes additional flavours and products.

What have you achieved so far?

While we have made some great strides so far in our journey, such as supplying Gloucester Services (M5), Fenwicks Food Hall, Daylesford Organics and have recently launched porridge on Ocado and Amazon.  We were delighted to receive a Great Taste Award in 2016 for our Date & Apricot Porridge.  Simply, we just need more people to discover Simplyseedz. So there’s lots more to do!

So here’s how you can help!

Firstly, click on the link https://backit.tesco.com/9t5k to take you to our campaign and watch the video (I hate being video’d but it had to be done!)

And take a look at the rewards being offered in exchange for your pledge – you can earn lots of scrummy items from your support, from product to John Lewis breakfast bowls!

You don’t need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

And we know we said you don’t need to give money to help us, but we’d love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.

Thank you for support, Cathryn.

What’s really in your porridge?


Do you really know what’s in your morning porridge? Have you grabbed a porridge pot on the way into the office this morning?

Porridge is becoming more and more popular as we strive to eat better and more healthily.  Oats are excellent for heart health and naturally contain beta glucan that is proven to reduce cholesterol.

There are now many porridge brands on the supermarket shelves and deli counters offering all sorts of flavours to choose from.  But which ones do you choose for the convenience of taking in to work?  And do you really understand the food label? What about the sugar content – do you know how many spoons of sugar is already in your chosen portion of porridge?

Well here at Simplyseedz, you wont be surprised to hear that we just love porridge! And we’ve done some research on porridge pot sugar content and we think it’s quite alarming to see that some food producers that are purporting to be offering a healthy product, have loaded their porridge with refined sugar.

Many of the convenience porridge pots can contain as much as 20grams and up to a staggering 42grams of sugar!!  That’s the equivalent of more than 10 teaspoons of sugar!! (remember 1 teaspoon = 4 grams sugar)

Our top selling Simplyseedz porridge pot, Apple & Cinnamon has a sugar content of just 4.6grams and that’s just from the fruit contained in the pot.

At Simplyseedz we believe it’s better for you to decide if you need to add honey or brown sugar, rather than pre-load our porridge pot with the white stuff.  (If you buy a coffee, you wouldn’t expect it to be pre-sugared for you, would you??)

So next time you’re thinking healthy breakfast and want a warming bowl of porridge, just check the label as it may not be quite as healthy as you originally thought!


For more information on our porridge pots, please visit simplyseedz.co.uk

Research on Porridge Pot Sugar Content

We are passionate that our products have a low sugar content, with no refined sugars in comparison to majority of breakfast products. Our research into sugar content in the porridge pot can range between 25-35% sugars, with an award winning porridge brand containing as much as 42% sugar! See photos below, for an indication of the sugar such products contain measured by sugar sachets.

sugar contentsugar content 4sugar content 3

We firmly believe that it should be the consumer who decides if further sweetness is required. If so required, our recommendation is a drizzle of unpasteurised local honey or add any further fresh fruit eg blueberries, raspberries, sliced banana.



Claire Cashmore, Paralympic Swimmer, Brand Ambassador

Claire CashmoreWe are extremely delighted to announce Paralympic swimmer London 2012 Silver & Bronze medallist, Claire Cashmore has chosen to be our brand ambassador for Simply SeedZ. Claire has a gruelling fitness regime to maintain and our products will help keep her body fuelled for both training sessions and competitions. Claire is again aiming to represent the GB team in Rio 2016 and we wish her continued success in the pool.

Please read more about Claire and her personal achievements on her website below.


Chiltern Railways – Porridge hits the tracks!

chilternChiltern Railways Chiltern launch

We are very pleased to announce that our individual portion porridge pots are available to buy, served hot on Chiltern Railways!  Make your way to the Express Bar on Chiltern Mainline Services and choose from our three flavours (Apple & Cinnamon, Date & Apricot or Dark Chocolate & Ginger) when travelling between Birmingham and London Marylebone and return.  So sit back, relax and enjoy breakfast on-board!

Choo, choo, woo, woo!!

Chiltern launch 2

Oats – are they gluten free?

gluten-free-oatsI am often asked if my porridge is gluten free, and following research with my supplier, I hope the following information is of help and interest to those who may suffer from Coeliac disease or choose a gluten free as a lifestyle choice.

The oats used in my porridge is supplied by Mornflake of Crewe who process oats that are grown throughout the UK.
Oats can become contaminated by gluten from wheat & barley either through crop rotation or in the processing, For a product to be classified as gluten free, the product must have less than 20ppm gluten.

While Mornflake use the best equipment for removing any wheat or barley seeds in their processing and in testing, they regularly fall below the 20ppm gluten criteria. However, it is not possible to guarantee that all their oats processed can be labelled as gluten free, because of the associated risks in growing conditions.

As quoted on the Mornflake website,
“Mornflake have therefore made the decision to regrettably withdraw our products from the Coeliac Directory, and all new packaging includes the statement “Contains Gluten”. This is despite the fact that our oats are often less than 20ppm gluten, the oats are grown in exactly the same way as they always have been, and our milling processes have not changed.”

Interestingly on the Mornflake website it also states “One other point to note is that if we were to sell our oats made up into porridge using the instructions on the packets then the product would be allowed to be sold as “Gluten Free”.

Confusing I know, but all I can do is offer as much information as I glean to assist in your decision – are oats gluten free?? They may well be…

For more information, please visit http://www.mornflake.com/our-oats/gluten-free.aspx