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We love getting feedback from our customers!!And here’s just a small selection!Chloé Marie Brazier5 starDate and Apricot porridge is my favourite! I consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, it’s great that it’s so quick to make up in the knowledge that it is all natural, healthy goodness! ( super yummy with almond milk ).
The bircher muesli is another favourite I like to have ready in the fridge incase I’m short of time in the morning or in need of a healthy snack. Highly recommend 🙂

Rhian Williams5 star
Love Simply Seedz, such great natural and healthy products 🙂
Denise Spink 5 star
Incredibly tasty porridge, muesli & seed mixes. Favourite is Ginger & Honey Seed mix which is fantastic on some natural yoghurt for breakfast!

“The Rosemary & Garlic seed mix, sprinkled over salmon & crushed new potatoes is simply wonderful” David April 2015

” The Dark Chocolate and Ginger Porridge is just amazing….. I can’t get enough of it”. Louise April 2015

“Yummy so delicious I will share my cake recipes but its all cups and pinches so next time I make it ill write it down . the seeds were a perfect touch and added the ‘missing something”. Marcella March 15

“I bought some of your dark chocolate and ginger porridge from you at the weekend. I just wanted to email and say how wonderful it is! The box has nearly been finished! I want to eat it for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!(I’m the lady who was talking to you about your lovely packaging!)I’ll be putting in an order soon :)”Emily, Big Feastival 2014 (visitor )

Email – Just loving the Porridge!
Love both flavours.
Great texture…
Really does fill you up!!!
Thanks so much.
Keep up the good work.
Mark Foster, British Olympic Swimmer 7/12/13
Lovely tweet from Oxo Mum!Lynda Bellingham @LyndaBellingham
@SimplySeedZ I am loving my muesli ! Thank you and Good Luck  17/7/2012
I was incredibly fortunate to meet you Lynda, may you rest in peace.

Mortimer Country Food Fair with Lynda Bellingham

“SO SO moreish”

The white chocolate with cranberries are SO SO moreish. I tried to have ONE after lunch. Impossible.  Once they are wearing their new costumes, get yourself off to Harrods Food Hall, or Fortnum and Masons, straight away — with a bucketful for their tasters to taste.  I’m sure the orders will come in.  20/8/12 L Hart


I met you last week at the Ledbury market.  I purchased some apricot and blueberry muesli.  I am hooked!  Just so gorgeous. E Hughes 17/7/2012

“Future Purchases”

Thanks for your prompt reply, Cathryn. Great customer service. We go to Webbs often and actually went over today and bought several of your products. Keep up the excellent quality. K Watkin 4/7/2012

“Really delicious seeds”

posted 4 Apr 2011 00:46 by Cathryn Zielinski [ updated 26 Apr 2011

We bought packets of your worcester sauce and original breakfast seeds
from you at Droitwich Farmers Market on Saturday and just wanted to say how
much we really love them. They are absolutely delicious and such a nice
change from other less healthy snacks. Looking forward to buying more and
trying your other flavours soon.T Knight 3/4/11

“a great idea!”

posted 31 Mar 2011 04:22 by Cathryn Zielinski [ updated 26 Apr 2011 13:41]

“An amazing flavour and taste – so easy as a snack – what a great idea!” A Bickerton 29/3/11

“Truly yummy”

posted 22 Mar 2011 14:46 by Cathryn Zielinski [ updated 22 Mar 2011 14:49]

I have both tasted and regular used the fabulous seeds created by SeedZ. They are absolutely delicious, great compliment to cooking, great on salads – a real tasty treat for hand-bag or lunch box too. Great they come in various flavours to add that additional savoury twist. Truly yummy.” March
21, 2011 M Cottom

Mar 20 2011 G S Williams

“SeedZ – Great Product, Cathryn – Great lady, – Tasted SeedZ one evening and absolutely couldn’t believe the variety of taste and quality. As a snack product I would, without question recommend SeedZ to all – ‘Major Retailers’ – get them on your shelves….”

Mar 15 2011 D Redding

“SeedZ are little (or big) packets of deliciousness that are a great alternative snack to sugary highs or packets of crisps. My children surprised me (not the most adventurous when it comes to new foods) by lapping them up and comparing the different flavours; Seedz are now a looked for treat in their lunchboxes.

Knowing Cathryn’s energy, it doesn’t entirely surprise me that she has launched her venture with such success once started, but it did surprise me that she was going to give it a go! She has done a fantastic job and not only come up with a great product but has worked hard on getting it out there and on shelves. Come on Sainsburys!”

Mar 14 2011 H Williams

“Cathryn has supplied us with products from her Seedz range. I cannot recommend her products and services highly enough. Her products are of an exceptional quality, apparently they are healthy too but frankly the imaginative varieties I have personally tried are simply delicious, they are the perfect snack.” Mar 14 2011 H Williams