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Clearance Offer

We hate food waste and really do not want to just dispose of the last few remaining cartons that have gone past the best before date (31st Jan 16), especially when it is still perfectly good for a little while yet.

If you’re not worried about the best before date, and you will eat within the next couple of months,  then these are an absolute bargain!  Saving £2.50 per carton!! now only £2.00 each, saving £3!!

Remember, you can use our porridge/muesli mixes for making flapjacks, biscuits, add to fruit crumble topping, prepare as a Bircher Muesli or just simply cook as porridge!!!

Please note the product best before date: 31st Jan 2016.

Storage: Ambient

Subject to availability.

Voucher codes cannot be accepted.

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For information about best before dates, please click the link below