How to make Perfect Porridge!


How to easily prepare Perfect Porridge:

Our porridge is so super quick and easy to prepare, with no cooking skills required!!

It can be made on the hob or in a microwave. For the porridge perfectionists, you can also soak the mix over night in advance of cooking (Overnight Oats).  NOTE: If you leave the mix to soak overnight, you may need to add a little extra liquid (milk or water) prior to cooking.

To cook on hob

Step 1

Take one cup of your favourite Simply SeedZ porridge* mix and add aproximately 1 1/2 cups of water or milk,

Step 2

Heat slowly, stirring frequently until porridge has thickened to desired consistency.

Microwave Instructions: As above, but place in microwavable bowl/jug and put on high setting for approx. 2-3mins. Stirand heat for further 1 minute

To serve, add a sprinkling of demerara sugar or honey as desired.  Winter has never tasted so good!

Apricot and Cranberry Bircher Muesli Double Box White Background
◾try using our Apricot & Cranberry Bircher Muesli, it can easily be made as a hot porridge too!!







How to make Bircher Muesli:

As an alternative, add apple juice and some greek yoghurt, cover chill for minimum two hours. Porridge will absorb fruit juice, delicious!  Serve with any additional seasonal fruits if desired.

porridge with prunes

Serving suggestion to make porridge with almond milk