Seed Mixes

seed mixesOur deliciously flavoured, gently toasted gluten free seed mixes are great for snacking or add to a dish for some crunch. These are all hand made in small batches, for freshness.

See our recipe ideas too. Remember, there are no rules, just include some in your diet each day!




A mix of pumpkin kernels, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, toasted with aromatic rosemary & garlic


Nutritional InformationGreat for snacking and as an ingredient, sprinkle on salad, stir through rice, pasta. Can also be used as base for home made pesto sauce!
Cajun Spiced
Multi Pack 50g x 4


Our very handy seed mix snack pots are great to keep in your bag or at your desk to nibble when you get the munchies. The Cajun mix has a bit of heat in them from the paprika, chilli and cayenne. Perfect snack with a beer or glass of wine & a bit better for you than regular crisps or nuts! Our savoury seed mixes all contain pumpkin, sunflower & pine nuts. Exceedingly moreish, be warned!!

ORIGINAL Sweet Seed Mix
A mix of pumpkin kernels, sunflower seeds, linseed, toasted in Worcestershire honey with apricots & cranberries


Nutritional Information This is a delicious mix of seeds with apricots & cranberries. The seeds have been lightly hand toasted in Worcestershire honey. Eat straight from the pack or use as a breakfast topping (porridge) or add to yoghurt. Also great with cheese too!

A delicious mix of pumpkin kernels, sunflower seeds, toasted in local honey with a very tasty stem ginger


Nutritional Information These are hand toasted in Worcestershire honey, in small batches in our kitchen. Big chunks of ginger give this mix a real kick! Wonderful to snack, but add to your porridge, or sprinkle on top of yoghurt. We like this mix on top of a quality chocolate ices cream for desert! Ginger is great if you're feeling nauseous, I keep some handy to nibble to help prevent travel sickness.

Simplyseedz Large Jute Shopper Bag £4.50
Measures 40 x 37 x 17 cm

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