Oats – are they gluten free?

gluten-free-oatsI am often asked if my porridge is gluten free, and following research with my supplier, I hope the following information is of help and interest to those who may suffer from Coeliac disease or choose a gluten free as a lifestyle choice.

The oats used in my porridge is supplied by Mornflake of Crewe who process oats that are grown throughout the UK.
Oats can become contaminated by gluten from wheat & barley either through crop rotation or in the processing, For a product to be classified as gluten free, the product must have less than 20ppm gluten.

While Mornflake use the best equipment for removing any wheat or barley seeds in their processing and in testing, they regularly fall below the 20ppm gluten criteria. However, it is not possible to guarantee that all their oats processed can be labelled as gluten free, because of the associated risks in growing conditions.

As quoted on the Mornflake website,
“Mornflake have therefore made the decision to regrettably withdraw our products from the Coeliac Directory, and all new packaging includes the statement “Contains Gluten”. This is despite the fact that our oats are often less than 20ppm gluten, the oats are grown in exactly the same way as they always have been, and our milling processes have not changed.”

Interestingly on the Mornflake website it also states “One other point to note is that if we were to sell our oats made up into porridge using the instructions on the packets then the product would be allowed to be sold as “Gluten Free”.

Confusing I know, but all I can do is offer as much information as I glean to assist in your decision – are oats gluten free?? They may well be…

For more information, please visit http://www.mornflake.com/our-oats/gluten-free.aspx