What’s really in your porridge?


Do you really know what’s in your morning porridge? Have you grabbed a porridge pot on the way into the office this morning?

Porridge is becoming more and more popular as we strive to eat better and more healthily.  Oats are excellent for heart health and naturally contain beta glucan that is proven to reduce cholesterol.

There are now many porridge brands on the supermarket shelves and deli counters offering all sorts of flavours to choose from.  But which ones do you choose for the convenience of taking in to work?  And do you really understand the food label? What about the sugar content – do you know how many spoons of sugar is already in your chosen portion of porridge?

Well here at Simplyseedz, you wont be surprised to hear that we just love porridge! And we’ve done some research on porridge pot sugar content and we think it’s quite alarming to see that some food producers that are purporting to be offering a healthy product, have loaded their porridge with refined sugar.

Many of the convenience porridge pots can contain as much as 20grams and up to a staggering 42grams of sugar!!  That’s the equivalent of more than 10 teaspoons of sugar!! (remember 1 teaspoon = 4 grams sugar)

Our top selling Simplyseedz porridge pot, Apple & Cinnamon has a sugar content of just 4.6grams and that’s just from the fruit contained in the pot.

At Simplyseedz we believe it’s better for you to decide if you need to add honey or brown sugar, rather than pre-load our porridge pot with the white stuff.  (If you buy a coffee, you wouldn’t expect it to be pre-sugared for you, would you??)

So next time you’re thinking healthy breakfast and want a warming bowl of porridge, just check the label as it may not be quite as healthy as you originally thought!


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