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  • MIXED PEPPERCORN Baked Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

    MIXED PEPPERCORN Baked Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

    From: £1.00
    Mixed peppercorn seasoning really adds a wonderful kick and flavour to our pumpkin seeds. We love to munch them straight from the pack with a chilled glass of wine!
  • SALTED Baked Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

    SALTED Baked Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

    From: £1.00
    These should be called Simply Salted because that's what they are! Baked with salt and no oil these are really versatile to use in your cooking or munch them from the pack. Athletes love them to replace lost salts post activity to prevent cramps.
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Simplyseedz, founded by Cathryn, produces a range of highly nutritious breakfast and snacks, all vegan too. We hope you'll enjoy navigating our website and more-so enjoy our products, recipe and serving suggestions! We're always keen to hear from our customers, so if you have any questions or want to share your love of Simplyseedz, please do not hesitate to drop us a line to hello@simplyseedz.co.uk.