APPLE AND CINNAMON Instant Porridge Pot 60g (Multi-buy 6 or 12) Vegan & Dairy Free

Easy, nutritious breakfast on the go, our Apple & Cinnamon porridge oats with seeds is a very popular flavour that has a taste of Christmas!
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APPLE AND CINNAMON Instant Porridge Pot 60g (Multi-buy 6 or 12) Vegan & Dairy Free

A dairy free mix of jumbo oats, rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, with dried apples and cinnamon.

Allergens: see ingredients in bold

Key Product Features
• QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE: Just add hot water or milk to the pot, stir and leave for 2 minutes. OR make as Overnight Oats
• NUTRITION: each pot contains just 5 ingredients, British grown jumbo oats, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, and fruit. High in beta glucan, zinc, magnesium and plant based omega 3. Enhance your performance with our slow release porridge oats.
• FULLY RECYCLABLE: All packaging fully recyclable. Perfectly balanced nutrition for all sports people and those following a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommend as pre or post event fuel.
• PRODUCT ENDORSEMENTS: Supplier to Paralympians Claire Cashmore, Kare Adenegan & other well-known sports personalities

Vegan approved, high protein, low cholesterol

Nutritional Information:

Apple & Cinnamon  Porridge per 100g 60g pot
ENERGY (kcal)                               391 234.6
ENERGY (kJ)                                    1644 986.4
PROTEIN (g)                                              12.2 7.32
FAT (g)                                         9.7 5.82
of which SATURATES (g)                               1.6 0.96
AVAILABLE CARBOHYDRATE (g)                                  58.5 35.1
         SUGARS (g)                                 5.8 3.48
FIBRE  (g)                                  10.4 6.24
SALT    0.02                   0.02 trace

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Nutritional Information: Per 60g
ENERGY (KCAL): 234.6
ENERGY (KJ): 986.4
PROTEIN (g): 7.32
FAT (g): 5.82
of which SATURATES (g): 0.96
SUGARS (g): 3.48
FIBRE (g): 6.24
SALT (g): trace
Weight: 0.4kg