Easy Mini Prawn, Lime & Chilli Fishcakes

An easy recipe that makes approx 18 small fishcakes, perfect to serve as a starter for 6! 


2 x large potatoes, peeled & cut into small chunks 

1 x sweet potato, peeled & cut into small chunks 

260g cooked prawns, chopped 

2 x small chillies (red/green or both) chopped include seeds for extra heat! 

Zest & juice of 1 x lime 

120g Chilli Baked Pumpkin Seeds or 120g Jalapeno & Lime Kaffir Baked Pumpkin Seeds (3 x snack pots) 


Put potatoes & sweet potato chunks into pan of water and boil until soft, drain and mash thoroughly Put prawns, chilli, lime juice & zest into mixing bowl and mix, add to mashed potato and mix thoroughly, season to taste. Crush chosen baked pumpkin seeds (use blender) until fine crumbs & put into a mixing bowl. Using a desert spoon, take one spoonful of potato/prawn mix (the mix will be quite soft) and shape into small round shapes, and coat with crushed seeds. Place fishcakes on a plate, cover and chilli for minimum 1hour. The colder they are before putting in the oven, the better they cook. When ready to cook, heat oven to 180c & put fishcakes on a baking sheet. Cook for approx 20 minutes and serve on a bed of rocket with desert spoon of mango chutney. Delicious!!