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Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds

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SALTED Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan 1Kg CATERING PACK ONLY
These should be called Simply Salted because that's what they are! Baked with salt and no oil these are really versatile to use in your cooking or munch them from the pack. Athletes love them to replace lost salts post activity to prevent cramps.
MIXED PEPPERCORN flavoured Pumpkin Seeds Vegan
Mixed peppercorn seasoning adds a wonderful kick and taste to our pumpkin seeds. We love to munch them straight from the pack with a chilled glass of wine! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER
HOT CHILLI Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan
Baked without any oil, these are delicious, fiery little pumpkin seeds of nutritious goodness! Limited stock available
From: £1.00
JALAPENO & KAFFIR LIME Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan
Sadly out of stock, but when available you should definitely try these! Using Jalapeno and Lime in our seasoning, you can really taste both the heat of the chilli and the tang of the lime.
From: £1.00
MEDITERRANEAN HERB Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan
Our most popular flavour with incredible seasoning that won a well deserved Great Taste award! Try them, you won't be disappointed!
SEA SALT & BLACK PEPPER Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan
Using fabulous sea salt with black pepper, we bake our pumpkin seeds without any oil and the flavour is amazing! Add to your lunch for a crunch or snack from the pack. Only refill pouches currently available - limited stock though

"Absolutely incredible flavour, I'm telling all my friends, these are so amazing!"

Sandra D,  bought Mediterranean Herb Pumpkin Seeds