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With the global spread of Coronavirus, every news bulletin is alarming! So I thought I'd drop a line about some extra ways to help keep any bugs at bay. 
It will be no surprise to hear that I've been eating pumpkin seeds daily for the past 10 years. I have them in my porridge, keep a pack on my desk for that mid afternoon slump and love a few to snack on while cooking our evening meal. 
And I've not had a proper cold since (or even flu), just the odd little sniffle. I believe that by adding them daily into your diet does certainly help. I can't claim that it will keep this nasty virus away, but it may help with all the other bugs that are about. 
They are packed with lots of nutrients and contain high levels of zinc which is important for a healthy immune system. 
Have a zinc rich diet by including pumpkin seeds daily - in your morning breakfast through to your evening dinner. 
Pumpkin seeds are a powerful little seed! 
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