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With much focus (and quite rightly so) for the concern of our environment and planet, now is a good time to provide background information on the packaging we use for our products. 
Please see below how you can recycle or re-use packaging where possible. 
Breakfast Products 
Our breakfast cartons are made from recycled board, and our porridge pots are made from virgin food compliant cardboard. Both are fully recyclable.  
The inner clear bag in the cartons for home, is made of polypropylene which does not damage the environment during its disposal. It’s suitable for recycling and satisfies the 4 requirements of the EEC Environmental Commission. 
Baked Pumpkin Seeds 
Our baked pumpkin seeds are packed into fully recyclable air tight tamper proof pots that are also dishwashable! We use our empties for salad dressings, sauces, lunch boxes and even have used them to germinate seeds for our garden! So please reuse if you can or place in the recycling bin in full knowledge that they can be fully recycled. To advise, we did consider biodegradable packaging, but this had its drawbacks such as poor quality seals that often came loose or open. 
Outer postal cartons/boxes 
These are made from recycled board and are fully recyclable. Please note that sometimes will reuse our packing cases for large orders too. 
Void Fill 
This is the green or white filler (looks like cheese puffs BUT DEFINITELY NOT EDIBLE!!) we may use to secure your items in transit to you. This is 100% recyclable too! 
Shredded paper 
A natural and attractive void fill used in our breakfast gift boxes. 
Natural and black papers are made from 100% UK recycled paper and all papers are from managed forestry and are recyclable. 
Simplyseedz may be a small player in the world of food packaging and do our best to protect our planet and environment! We will continue to review materials used to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. 
WOW what a start to the new year! 
2018 has so far been quite incredible due to the response we've had from featuring on BBC Dragons Den! 
We've had such positive reaction to our products with sales out stripping anything like we've experienced before, which meant that we did run out of stock of some products. We're pretty much back in stock of most of our range now so managing to keep up with the demand and all the enquiries. 
We're featured in our local Worcester News today - so please read all about it! 
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