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Halloween is coming! 
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How many of us each year are tempted to roast all those scooped out pumpkin seeds??? 
And its easy right??? 
How many times have they burned to a frazzle (it happens so quickly, you really can't take your eyes off them) or no burned offerings, but instead seeds that are as tough as old boots with the disappointment of another year and still no pumpkin seeds to enjoy..... 
(Alternatively, you can of course simply, JUST BUY OURS!!) 
But if you really do want to toast your own then here are our top tips!  
Firstly scoop out all the seeds,  
remove the pulp (the stringy stuff),  
wash them,  
toss them in your chosen seasonings,  
pop on a baking sheet in a really hot oven (and I mean hot around 230c)  
roast them very carefully until they have a slight colour! 
Now do not move away from the oven not for a second....otherwise you know what it will happen, yes you'll have another binfull of burnt offerings...alternatively, JUST BUY OURS!! 
If you've succesfully managed to avoid any disaster, enjoy them with a drink or as a sprinkle on top of some lovely easy to make pumpkin soup (recipe to follow) 
Be aware that the husk, the pinkish/white flesh, is rather hard to chew* but the gem really is the green kernel waiting inside. 
Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium for heart health, high in zinc for your immune system and packed with Omega3 plant based fat. 
Save the roasting and instead grab a pot of our pumpkin seeds (kernels without the husk). Baked to perfection, and of course, extremely moreish! 
Happy Halloween everyone! 
Autumn Offer! Enter Pumpkin10 & get 10% off at checkout!  
Code valid until 31st October 18 
* in places like Spain or South America, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are regularly enjoyed in bars with a glass of red. However, you will often see the floors littered with pumpkin husks because they are pretty inedible. The husks get left on the floor for the evening, letting bar goers tread all over them. Apparently, it helps polish the stone floors! 
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