MIXED PEPPERCORN flavoured Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

Mixed peppercorn seasoning adds a wonderful kick and taste to our pumpkin seeds. We love to munch them straight from the pack with a chilled glass of wine! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER
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MIXED PEPPERCORN flavoured Pumpkin Seeds Vegan


Ready roasted MIXED PEPPERCORN Pumpkin Seeds in seasoning without oil.

40g snack pots ONLY available

Snack from the pack or use as ingredient (salads, soups etc)
Vegan approved, healthy snacking

Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, zinc and magnesium. They are heart and gut healthy and excellent for for the body's immune system.

Use as post running/cycling/swimming etc nutrition

Pop a pot in your lunch box or bag for a healthy on the go snack.

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