Not all Chocolate Porridge Oats are the same!

There's a new porridge oats on the high street. We feel obliged to say a few words just because we're passionate about healthy porridge!

If a nutritionist reviewed, they would be horrified at the sugar content which is practically 30% per 100g. A recommended portion/serving size therefore contains the equivalent of more than 3 teaspoons sugar content!

And consumers may, unwittingly, add more...

This is the PROBLEM.

As you know, our porridge is created to be as healthy as possible and has met with high approval of many nutritionists.

Even our Dark Chocolate & Ginger porridge is only 10.1% sugar content, which is two thirds less than this particular brand.

Here at Simplyseedz, it is and always will be, our remit to produce porridge that is tasty, will keep you feeling fuller longer, gut & heart healthy and be truly good for you. If we've learned anything in the past few weeks of lockdown, is that it is more important than ever to eat a balanced healthy diet to support your immune system.

It's time for the nation to understand nutrition labels, please. And it's best to treat such high sugar content as a treat, and not part of a daily diet.