SALTED Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

These should be called Simply Salted because that's what they are! Baked with salt and no oil these are really versatile to use in your cooking or munch them from the pack. Athletes love them to replace lost salts post activity to prevent cramps.
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SALTED Ready Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Vegan

SALTED Baked Pumpkin Seeds Baked in seasoning without oil.
Snack from the pack or use as ingredient (salads, soups etc)
Vegan approved, healthy snacking

Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, zinc and magnesium. They are heart and gut healthy and excellent for the body's immune system.

Use as post running/cycling/swimming etc nutrition to help recover lost salt during exercise.

Pop a pot in your lunch box or bag for a healthy on the go snack.

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