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Beautiful Simplyseedz Breakfasts! 
You may have tried porridge before and either been a lover or a hater! I recall my childhood when porridge really wasnt that great...  
It tended to be a greyish, tasteless bowl (think instant oats ending in brek) that really didnt get me excited for the day ahead, but I was told and knew that it was good for me.  
Well, that's what it was like growing up in the 60's! 
Simplyseedz porridge was born out of two reasons 
Firstly, I had a health scare (having survived a pulmonary embolism from a dvt due to a long haul flight).  
Fortunately the clot was treated but when I went back to work to a very stressful demanding corporate role, it made me think more seriously about the fuel I was putting in my body. 
I'd made sure the children had a breakfast but I'd got into a bad habit of rushing out each morning to drive some ungodly distance in a sales role, without food. I'd tended to pick something up at a petrol station, and that would be my day.  
I'd return home, tired, hungry and often with headaches because I'd eaten badly - I was living off filling station sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars, etc. 
That's when I realised...you dont put the wrong fuel in your car and expect it to work well and if you do, you'll only do it once! So why was I doing this to my body? 
It was time to change ditch this dreadful habit.  
I ensured my days ahead began with a bowl of homemade porridge or muesli before I went out and it made such a huge difference! I didn't need to turn to the cho 
I was energised, but I also knew that I could make my own porridge more interesting and tasty by adding seeds and fruit. 
And the second reason.. 
Following redundancy from the stressful, mile guzzling day job, it seemed like a good time to explore the opportunity of starting a food business based around seeds. I'd got to love them so much in  
my diet, that I was toasting them in various seasonings to snack but also tossing them on a salad or stiring them through rice, basically sprinkling on everything for a good old crunch! My family  
too and friends were all enjoying them, in fact I'd make, they'd eat and I'd be back in the kitchen making more. They didnt last long! 
So armed with packets of porridge and toasted seeds, I headed out to local farmers markets and food festivals. 
You may ask what is the difference between our products and anything else out there? 
Samples and consumer feedback allowed me to consider packaging, but more importantly meet market needs. There have been a few changes over the past few years to fine-tune our recipes to the  
high standard they are now. In 2016 we received a Great Taste Award for our Date & Apricot porridge and recently all products are Vegetarian Society approved.  
We appeared on BBC Dragons Den on Boxing Day 2017 which has helped spread the word about eating well. 
Dairy Free - Vegetarian Society Vegan approved status. 
All recipes contain nutritious seeds. 
Absolutely NO added refined sugar. 
Nut free. 
Heart healthy. 
Anti diabetic properties. 
High in protein. 
Low cholestorol. 
Gluten free.* 
Made in Britain. 
With no nasties, additives or preservatives, nothing artifical. 
Just true honest ingredients! 
So browse now to choose which Simplyseedz fuel you want, from our quick to make porridge on the go, a big packet for your kitchen cupboard that you can make on the stove or microwave,  
to our very delicious and tasty gluten free baked pumpkin seeds.  
*(seeds only, we will be introducing GF porridge at a later date.) 
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