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Simplyseedz - Baked Pumpkin Seeds Snacks  

Whether you want a quick healthy snack while on the go, or want to jazz up a salad, our baked pumpkin seeds are delicious and nutritious. Baked without any oil & better for you than nuts or crisps, so give them a try! 
NOTE: Mediterranean Herb Baked Pumpkin Seeds awarded Great Taste Award 2019! 
"These baked pumpkin seeds are amazing! So, so tasty & addictive to snack, thank goodness they're good for you!" Sally C 

Spicy Selection 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Seasoned Selection 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Hot Chilli 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Jalapeno & Kaffir Lime 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12)  

Mediterranean Herb 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Mixed Peppercorn 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Sea Salt & Black Pepper 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Salted 40g Multi-pack (6 or 12) 

Our range of healthy baked pumpkin seeds (pepitas) are ridiculously delicious and moreish! 
Baked in high temperature ovens, without oils, our pumpkin seed kernels are high in protein, packed with magnesium for a healthy heart, and zinc for your immune system. Vegetarian Society Vegan approved too. 
Snack from the pack or use them as a topping to give your lunch some crunch! We've lots of recipe ideas! 
Available in snack size pots (40g) they are perfect for on the go snacking, travelling, or pop in your gym bag for a quick protein snack after a workout. 
All packaging is fully recyclable and you can reuse the pots (very useful for storing left over salad dressings, etc) 
Pumpkin seeds are a perfect healthy nibble, try them with a glass of wine or beer.  
We say "Ditch the nuts & have a seedy affair!" 
Top health benefits of pumpkin seeds include:  
Magnesium for heart health, zinc for your immune system, plant based omega 3 fats, prostate health, beneficial for post menopausal women, heart & liver health and trytophan to aid restful sleep. 
Interesting fact: Pumpkin seeds belong to the same family as butternut squash, melon, canteloupe. Also known as pepitas, they are enjoyed in the bars of South America and Spain. You will see the inedible yellowish white husk discarded on wooden floors, which when trodden on, helps to polish the floor! Fortunately, all our pumpkin seeds have had the husk removed, leaving you with the kernel to enjoy and no mess! 
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