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Simplyseedz Porridge Cake

Based upon a recipe my mother used to make! I call it Grandma T’s Cake with a Twist!

1Mug All-Bran 1/2Mug Simplyseedz Plain Porridge Oats (Twist)
1 mug mixed dried fruit,
1 mug coconut milk, (Twist)
1 dessert spoon cocoa powder,
1 mug self raising flour,
Place all ingredients except flour in bowl and mix well.
Leave to soak for approx 20-30mins.
Add flour, mix well and put into lined loaf tin.
Bake in middle oven 180c for approx 50mins.
Test it’s cooked using a knife. If comes out clean it’s ready, if not pop back in oven for a few more minutes.
Slice & serve. Can freeze too.
The Twist is this is a vegan version & includes our oats!